The recent showcasing of several CDMA handsets powered by SIM cards at the CTIA Wireless trade show means our geeky friends on other continents across the globe may soon be experiencing the best of both worlds some would say — never ending coverage and quick swaps between devices. The devices shown at CITA such as the Samsung Mpower 699 use a newer form of the aged RUIM SIM card called “OHM”. The biggest change between the older RUIM cards and newer OHM cards is that the latter allow users to experience full 3G services.

Sadly there’s roughly a snowball’s chance in hell (to put it eloquently) of Americans ever holding one of these fine mashups of technology in their hands.

The big roadblocks keeping U.S. adoption at bay include the fact that carriers have to sign up to make use of the phones and technology. No surprise here, Sprint and Verizon have absolutely “Zero” interest. I guess un-lockable, “open” phones that make consumers happy aren’t the best thing to adopt anyway….

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