Sprint HTC Hero “Google Experience” models support EV-DO Rev A. Non-Google units stuck at Rev 0? [Update]

by Mike
Posted October 12th, 2009 at 7:47 am

**Update: All is well in the world again. According to HTC, the problem is actually a rouge text display problem “claiming” to be merely Rev 0 when in fact the phone can actually be in Rev A mode. Whew, crisis adverted. Happy surfing.

Well this would certainly be scandalous. It appears that a bit of strangeness is running around the Android world as of the last couple of days with Sprint’s HTC Hero officially being released. The problem appears to be centered around said devices manufacture date and support for either EV-DO Rev-0 or A. The word around various Android forums is if your Sprint Hero DOES NOT have the “Google Experience” plastered across it’s backside, your phone is stuck at Rev 0 while the *theoretically* newer Hero’s WITH “Google Experience” wordage have EV-DO Rev A support instead of the slower 0. Now, the differences between Rev 0 and A when download speeds are concerned aren’t anything to get worked up about. However, when upload speeds are concerned, well, that is something to get hot and bothered over as being limited to Rev 0 can certainly be seen as a “bad deal”.

To get to the bottom of the mystery, finding out the required information is rather simple. First, flip your phone over. Do you or don’t you see “Google Experience” on the back of your Sprint Hero? Next, do the following:

  • To check your units manufactured date:

    1. Open Dialer
    2. enter: ##786#
    3. Scroll down to “Manufacturer’s Date”
  • To Check which whether you have EV-DO Rev 0 or A:
    1. Navigate to: Settings > About Phone > Status > Mobile Network Type

For those who are curious or needing a baseline to compare to, Android Central’s in-house Sprint Hero has the following info:

Born on: 4/9/2009 (Sept. 4, 2009) — EV-DO Rev. 0.

Many will note that the HTC customized devices such as those running the Sense UI wouldn’t have Google branding because of various red tape and licensing issues. Units popping up with Google branding are strange to say the least as no comment or announcement has been made thus far as to why newly manufactured Hero’s are coming with said branding. Even more strange and potentially angering are reports that users owning Google branded Hero’s are seeing EV-DO Rev A support on their phones. Obvoius early adopters or those unlucky enough to get an un-Googled phone complete with yesterday’s EV-DO Rev 0 are going to be a bit peeved ultimately creating a slew of consumer returns to claim the coveted Google branded phones with their faster Rev A support.

Let’s hear it. Did you get a Sprint HTC Hero? Did it come with/without Google branding. And finally, after are you rockin’ EV-DO Rev 0 or A? Leave a word in the comments…

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  • jim
    December 14, 2009 at 11:14 am

    my phone was built in june of 09 but it does have google tag on back has ev-do a the faster system as for battery life use handcent and now phone is awake 10-28 percent nearly tripling battery life

  • cd28rc
    November 11, 2009 at 3:07 pm

    This is what I have and wish this was written 2 days ago because I voila have returned it for another one, well missed that. So, I have this and let me say that I’m VERY VERY HAPPY with my Hero. Ok, so it looks like this, OS Version 1.5 Software Version 1.29.651.1 Firmware Version 1.04.01 Hardware Version 0002 PRL 60656 PRI 1.68_003 And the Manufactures Date 09/26/09. The PRL was updated to 60654 then to the 60656? Not sure what all this means and wish someone could help me with all the stuff. Yes I have a "with GOOGLE" on the back. Can I do anything about this? Oh ya, my battery is 100% awake and on running ChompSmS.
    [email protected]
    Thanks everyone,
    cd28rc :)

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