Nokia’s freshly announced “Nokia Booklet 3G” may have a few ears and eyes perked. I mean, a subsidized “high end” netbook with 3G coverage surely seems like a sweet deal on paper. That is until you get all the details. After scouring over countless reviews and hands on picture galleries and videos, I’ve come to the simple conclusion that the Nokia Booklet 3G sucks. It’s a big waste of money (as is any “netbook”) at $299 up front with a $60 monthly offering going to big blue, even though it’s marketed as a “premium product”. Feel free to disagree, but a netbook, in the purest form is not ever a “premium product” no matter how expensive they price it. Netbooks are cheap, affordable, budget computers that are barely able to perform even basic tasks. When will manufacturers realize building computers that are underpowered and plagued with sub-par performance no matter how stylish they design them don’t magically attract value.

Moving back on topic, the Booklet 3G has been given unflattering remarks in regards to viewing angle (which is horrible, especially vertically), reliance on “America’s Most reliable 3G network — AT&T”, and of course, the netbook spec’d internal hardware keeps everything to a slow crawl. Engadget harps on the device further claiming that it is “almost to slow to surf”. I thought web browsing was one of the key features of netbooks? Such comments aren’t likely to make me or many other people want to empty our wallets in eagerness.

I’m not a fan of netbooks. You can all see that. Though, if you can manage to look through the Nokia Booklet 3G’s pretty lipstick, can you not see the same — That this is just another netbook trying to be passed off as a legitimate computer? I’ll take a good smartphone and standalone computer any day. Thoughts?

**Update: After looking at this further, the overall shape and such looks a lot like an old Dell D610 laptop does it not? Yuck.