Uh oh. Seems like all of those Nokia fans who bashed the iPhone for the last 2-1/2 years for not being able to send a simple MMS message are about to get a rude awakening if they had any hopes of upgrading to the N900. It seems Nokia is pulling an Apple and leaving the ancient technology out of their brand spankin’ new device. Ya ya, I get it. MMS is old. Tons of people now have IM or email support on their phones. Awesome! Many more don’t and rely on MMS for sending pictures. I can understand dropping support for old outdated technology, but when so many people use it, problems arise.

Of course, looking at the other side of the coin, you have start somewhere don’t you? That was Apple’s hope — to drive enough people away from MMS into more modern IM and email methods. Maybe Nokia will have better luck since they have such a large presence no? Besides, I’m all for reducing the amount we overpay to wireless carriers each month. But remember, this is so far only on their N900, a niche device that will sell in low numbers. Is it doomed without MMS? Or will they simple backtrack like Apple and provide it after the fact?

In the end, while no MMS will be no less than a pain in the ass every time you want to send a quick pic to someone on the fly that doesn’t a phone as smart as yours, the N900 is still a sexy device both hardware and software considered. I wouldn’t mind borrowing one. You?