Fond memories of Grandma’s cookies, the sweet smell of gingerbread cookies, and the overall mood that falls over the Christmas season brings many adults back to a simpler, younger time in their lives. Some may want to keep the memories as they are, only reliving them with their new families as they grow older. Though some will be tired of the same and instead seek out change. Perhaps you’re the type that remembers all of the jollies of the cold winter months when a whiff of ever so sweet gun powder floats by a nostril. Perhaps not. Still, those seeking something new can now celebrate Christmas with a bang — figuratively…almost literally. The Hand Grenade Ornament looks shiny, sleek, and impressive hanging from your precious tree, real or fake. Of course, no actual boom boom is possible — something a weekend project could fix I’m sure. Old tails of crazy squirrels running rampant in your tree to mental family members creating havoc will be replaced with “How dad blew up the tree/house”. *reminiscing about fond Christmas memories of years past….*

So how about it? £20 ($32 USD) nets you a set of six. Go crazy.

**A portion of each sale will go to Ctrl.Alt.Shift’s fight against global injustice.