If you want to give the finger to AT&T and Apple, what better way than to transcend across one of the most hallowed bans — 3G video streaming. EyeTV developed by elgato is your vehicle to do just that. Forget the fact that it’s an amazing piece of software that lets you record, rewind, edit, and watch video content ’till your heart’s content. The real deal is the latest development on the iPhone front. It’s sneaky, I feel bad hyping it up as it will only draw attention which will probably lead to the app being pulled. But the geek and good natured sharing person deep down can’t not share this with you. The dirty deed does come cheap and requires just a few steps.

  1. Register your Mac to the free MyEye TV service
  2. Download EyeTV iPhone app ($4.99)

And…ya that’s pretty much it. You Mac of course needs some sort of TV tuner to get this whole shindig on the road. Still, it’s simple huh? Launch the app on your iPhone over a 3G connection and you’ll get greeted with the typical dialog box warning that no WiFi means no video streaming for you. Tap “OK” and you’re left staring at a blank screen. Awesome. But that’s not all she wrote. Click on the actual text of the warning message and bam, “if you can’t give it to me I’ll take it” 3G streaming video.

Such methods aren’t the first attempts to get around Apple and AT&T’s draconian attempts at limiting the market. You may remember the Commodore 64 venture a few months back that snuck a code emulator through the App Store. Apple promptly removed it with the developers groveling how they didn’t mean to trick anyone. This is blatant FU your rules are whack. Brilliant I say.

If you want to hang on to this piece of backstabbing history, (and wonderful backstabbing it is), fire up the App Store on your Mac or iPhone and get downloadin’ because this probably won’t last long.

Electric Pig