Play mind games like its 2063 with the Telekinetic Obstacle Course


Though mind reading and mind control were reserved for science classrooms and geeks foretelling of futuristic tales, it appears that we’ve leapfrogged several decades as mind control is coming to the masses…now! While controlling objects with brain waves isn’t new, (as hospitals and research labs have been researching and toying with such issues for years now), having a smaller, consumer based example isn’t something you exactly see in the Toys ‘R Us weekly ad. Hammacher Schlemmer has stepped forward with a rather affordable (considering the technology at hand) solution that will give geeks and those fascinated with future tech more reasons to never leave their mothers bedroom…or basement (if you’ve moved up…or more literally down in the world). The way it all works is quite simple once you think about it (no pun intended):

  • two clips that are attached each ear lobe monitor theta wave activity inside of your little noodle. (EEG ring a bell?) The wireless headband that accompanies the clips sends your thought commands to the air fan to either increase or decrease speed.

Pretty simple isn’t it? I mean it’s just up and down movement really as you have to use your hands to move the board around to guide the ball through various obstacles. Are you forgetting it’s a mind control game? Ya, that’s freakin’ sweet! Now about that price. At $99 it’s far from an impulse buy. Again, considering the technology at hand, if I had an extra benny laying around, I might be inclined to give it a try. Feeling the same? Watch the vid below and tell me if you think it’s really worth $99 or simply a scheme to use the allure of “future tech” to sell another over priced novelty gift.

Video of the game in action

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  1. fiona says:

    this item IS NOT available from Hammacher Schlemmer until 2/28/2010. Mattel make the same item but no retailers have it - the ebayers have already bought them all and are selling them at 3 and 4 times the retail price,

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