Sprint HTC Hero leaky battery issue has a temporary work around…

by Mike
Posted October 16th, 2009 at 5:48 pm

Until the Moto Sholes pops into the world, the Sprint branded HTC Hero is the coolest piece of hardware to be graced by Android. Since the launch of the device roughly one week ago, reviews both professional and amateur have been highly praising of the wonder gadget. The only monkey wrench that seems to be appearing is an apparent bug concerning an “always awake” handset after sending a text with the stock SMS app. If you think you’re clean and clear because the backlight goes off you may be disheartened to know that you aren’t quite out of the woods. Of course, users experiencing this issue are reporting average run times of only 8 hours — I’m pretty sure you’d notice that. Anyway, how do you know if you are in fact infected? Navigate to:

  • Menu -> Settings -> About Phone -> Status -> Awake

In this menu location, affected units will show an awake time right around 100%. HTC is reportedly aware of the problem and working hard on a solution. As hinted earlier, this battery sadness is only affecting the stock SMS app. 3rd party apps downloaded from the Marketplace are A-OK. Hardly an optimum solution, though, it’s better than toting around a small generator just to power your Hero isn’t it? Look for a firmware update from HTC soon. And yes, we’ll give you an update. Stay tuned…

HTC Source > @the_real_Newman > Sprint Forums

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