MySpace: dead. Facebook: still growing but old news. Twitter: here and now. YouTube, Flicker, Wikipedia….the list of entertainment, multimedia, and social networking services goes on for days. You take on each service as to it’s relevance in the current online world will differ from mine. However, one thing that we can mostly agree on is that navigating to and signing in to each service can be time consuming and a pain. That’s where 44 Tips looks to change things up.

Though true they aren’t the first company or group of bodies to come up with the idea of blending in a bunch of services in one stop, the current incarnation is rather useful, easy to use, and fast. It’s kind of like a deeper form of Boxee if you will. Boxee has quite the selection of content readily on hand. 44 Tips however keeps going. The various tabs include:

  • Bookmarks
  • Feeds
  • Daily Tips
  • Friends
  • Games
  • Messages
  • Music
  • News
  • Photos
  • Radio
  • Video
  • Favorites

Daunting? To a novice or person use to just a few options it’s very possible. But you can’t argue the shear amount of things you can do and access with 44 tips is awesome. Young and at times rough around the edges, 44 Tips is the start of something awesome if they can tweak it, refine it a tad, and put a tad more polish on it. So far, the top features in my book are music and social networking features. Everyone has their own favorites however. Stop on by 44 Tips and let me know what you think. It’s definitely something worth watching, don’t you think?

Import your photos, videos, music, bookmarks and more
Bring all your online accounts together in one place: simple and organized!

View your favorite websites in one place
Read, view, listen and play! Easy access to all your favorite sources, like YouTube, Flickr, LastFM and Delicious.

Discover similar content
Find new content everyday with our suggestions of sites, videos, music and photos similar to what you already love: convenient and surprising.

Collect everything you like
Save the content you find and build collections of your favorite videos, music, photos and bookmarks. Or create your own multimedial presentation!

Share your 44tips with your friends
Send your favorite content to your friends. Give them tips about new music or videos and show them what makes you tick!

Keep up with your social networks
If you are using many different social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Hyves, it’s easy to get lost. How to keep up with all those networks? How much time does it cost you to check for messages and updates?