Can we get a whoop whoop! The Moto DROID which has so far garnered several high praising early hands on reviews has been spotted trying to stealthily slip through the FCC. But wait, didn’t already clear the FCC weeks ago? Why yes, yes it did. Except this time, it’s a slightly modified Moto DROID as it is packing GSM frequencies inside. The only part of the FCC filing worth reading:

This equipment is a GSM portable transceiver, which operates in the 850, 900,1800 and 1900 MHz PCS band. It also operates in WCDMA 900 and 2100 MHz and contains GPRS Class 12 and a 2.4 GHz Bluetooth function (Part 15.247). The unit may also be connected to a computer via a USB connection (Part 15 Class B Computing Device Peripheral).

Now the sad part begins. The 3G radios are not US based 3G frequencies meaning this is a European model. Ever so sad indeed. With as much fanfare as the DROID is picking up even though it hasn’t even been released yet signals to me that we can expect a US bound GSM DROID in the near future. Maybe not this year, but 2010 is looking promising. Another thing that also gives me reason to believe a US based GSM version is coming: AT&T/iPhone. After Motorola has had time to see both the benefits and utter headaches incorporating a single carrier strategy bring on, I can only assume that they’ve learned something. *fingers crossed*

While Verizon is up there with AT&T in my “least favorites” group, picking up by far the hottest device of this fall and perhaps even all of 2009 means I am seriously considering a switch to Big Red. Though I’m still holding out a bit longer to see what this Project Dark is all about. Just want to see my options. Can you blame me?

  • Check out the GSM DROID yourself via the FCC Filing

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