We all knew it was inevitable that AT&T would eventually jump in on the Android game. Though I’m sure many hoped they’d be a bit more timely and original. A few of you may see AT&T as milking the iPhone and it’s publicity for all it’s worth. While others may believe AT&T was simply waiting for the right handset to launch Android with. On that note, details of an HTC Hero launch on AT&T in early 2010 are building, leading to what we all suspected — that AT&T will finally launch an Android handset. Going back to that “waiting for a decent device to launch with arguement”, why launch a “new” handset 4-6 months after everyone else has had it? I understand that the Hero is a damn good Android phone, but with the absolute beauty that is the Sholes/DROID coming out soon and who knows what else in the wings for 2010, the Hero won’t cut it for a flagship, 1st Android device. I would think a completely unique and exclusive handset would make it’s way to AT&T. I guess I thought wrong. There’s still time though. We’ll see how it goes. Anyone else happy/sad/wishing for more?

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