The “Open” movement rushing over the digital market place is hitting the mobile marketplace particularly hard. Android is a perfect example of this. Announced back in November of ‘07, Android took it’s sweet time in ‘08 and early part of ‘09 turning into the OS that many had envisioned. Now as we are beginning to look at the end of ‘09 and start of ‘10, Android is singing a much different tune. Can you see what Android has done? They have more or less transformed a brand into a technology. What do I mean? Look at Apple/iPhone/iTunes. When someone says smartphone, a lot of people think iPhone. When someone says online music store, you guess it, iTunes is there front and center. Another analogy can be seen with Google/internet searching. Their service is so ubiquitous that it’s become a verb! More often than not, you’ll hear people say: “Just Google it”. In much the same way, Google has turned Android into the poster child for Linux. Some may disagree and that’s ok. But if you go and ask a smattering of people on the street, after you find some who have even heard of Android, asking them what mobile Linux and even stretching it to Linux in general, you may be surprised to hear quite a few responses claiming “Android”. Such an answer is half correct. Android is a specific distro of Linux but it itself is not Linux in it’s entirety.

Ok, now that was a pretty hefty deviation from the main topic — like a snowball rolling down a mountain side… — the Samsung Portector i8320 will be another mobile option for those looking for a more open and linux branded mobile phone. The only catch is that there isn’t Android anywhere in sight. Samsung whom has a thing for always trying out new things is dipping it’s toes in LiMo, a cousin of Android along with many others. The spec list looks pretty impressive on paper: CORTEX-A8 OMAP3430 processor, 800×480 pixel touchscreen, 3G/Wi-Fi and web browsing via Opera Mobile 9.6. Many phones have come to us on paper looking mighty appetizing only to turn into haggis when held in our hands. Hopefully this attempt by Samsung highlights just how good Linux can be aside from Android. More options means happier customers. Happier informed customers that is.

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