So you’re a verizon customer and want an iPhone. Switch. That’s your only hope. Why do I say that? Well, besides the sign above which sends a pretty blunt message, after Verizon get’s down with their whole DROID marketing campaign bashing AT&T and the iPhone, do you really think Apple will want to crawl into bed with them and be friends? Stranger things have happened and the repeated rumors of a 4G/LTE iPhone could be true. But are we merely dreaming the impossible dream? Usually when a company competes against a certain competitors product only to offer their own version further down the road, they tip toe a fine line between bashing and politely highlighting current faults. Have you seen any of Verizon’s commercials or posters so far for DROID? They relentlessly mock Apple, the iPhone, and AT&T. To me, that signals that they are just fine and dandy with Android. Which by the way isn’t a bad thing. Way back in 2005/2006/2007 when Apple was hunting around for a carrier and made the reported first stop at Verizon, did talks really go that sour to cause the two, or at least Verizon to act out so negatively? Who really cares? All I know is this fight is rather amusing with the outcome being sweet, succulent choices for myself and gadget freaks alike.

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