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**Update: Just in case….the bottom images are the new, leaked goodness. The top images are irrelevant relics of a dying dinosaur.

I didn’t think I would ever construct a sentence, in any language which consisted of Windows Mobile and “pretty damn good” in the same sentence. Based on physical looks alone, Microsoft is finally moving into 2008 with the mockups seen above. One things that is certainly eye brow raising is that according to Pocket Now’s tipster, the shots you see above and below were originally designated for Windows Mobile 6.5.1 — which you may have seen making it’s rounds today. Obviously 6.5.1 isn’t that much different from 6.5 meaning the eye candy seen here isn’t coming in 6.5.1. While 6.5.1 is slightly prettier than 6.5 in that the touch ups now go a tad deeper into menus, Windows 95 can still be seen rearing it’s ugly head at almost any corner. ‘Tis a shame they’re holding off on this re-worked UI for Windows Mobile 7. While this is hot now, who knows how far behind everyone else it will be come 2H 2010. Seriously. WTF Microsoft?! And you still can’t figure out why you’re falling further and further behind? Get this stuff out the door already.

Aw well. Sure is purdy regardless. Don’t worry. It’s ok to stare. Oh yeah…much bigger pictures after the click…

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