Medis Xtreme Portable Fuel Cell charger coming to T-Mobile

by Mike
Posted October 21st, 2009 at 12:09 pm

Typical batteries haven’t quite caught up to the demands that humans and our gadgets place on them. We can’t remain tethered to a wall for hours on end each day so a new solution has to be made. Fuel Cells may conjure up images of futuristic cars or space craft in your head. But in reality, the tech surrounding fuel cells has undergone some significant progress over the last couple years with size being one of the biggest improvements. Today, T-Mobile along with Medis Technologies launched the carrier’s first Fuel Cell charger for cellphones, the ” 24/7 Xtreme Portable Power Solution”. Using the pack is simple: squeeze and shake. After your digital shakedown, the fuel cell gets to work creating usable energy via electrochemical reactions. This chemical magic in a box is good for 20 watt hours of cord free operation. Refill packs will be sold seperately. For references sake, your typical smartphone can be charged several times with a single fuel cell. Support is rather robust as phones using USB, miniUSB, or microUSB ports as well as Palm Treo and Nokia ports can all benefit from this new charger.

Worries of explosions and other bodily harm can be put to rest as Medis claims their products are rigorously tested. Plus, their aren’t any emissions or noticeable heat. A surprising feature is that the Xtreme Power Solution is claimed to be airline security safe meaning you can take yours on the go. While they claim it will fly through security with no problems, I’ll have to see that one for myself. When I get questioned about a freaking hairbrush, anything is fair game. But I digress. Pricing on the unit itself and the refill packs are still up in the air so we’ll have to drop you an update once we find out. Think you’ll pick one up?

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