Android is quickly picking up steam as 2009 comes closer to and end. I’m certainly not complaining as the platform will soon be my new home. However, we will inevitably see companies releasing sub-standard hardware yet cashing in on this Android movement. The Phillips v808 isn’t anything special physically. The specs don’t leave much room for excitement either. The biggest omission is the lack of 3G as this non-looker is GSM/GPRS/EDGE only. If you’re still interested, a 3.2″ HVGA display, 3.2 mp camera, and support for microSD up to 8GB rounds up the list of anything worth mentioning. So while I was initially excited to see what Phillips could bring to the table, disappointment and an empty feeling in my guy quickly replaced any joy that I had. Though, if you’re a Chinese native, this may be just the device to you as for now, China is the only place to snag one. You know, now that China is starting it’s 3G deployment, how much longer will non-3G phones be relevent? Anyone outside of China longing for what would almost certainly be an ultra low end Android handset, specifically those in the U.S. don’t have a single line of hope. But come on. With the lines between “mobile internet” and “desktop internet” becoming increasingly blurred and the demands ever greater, not having 3G pretty much kills the v808 before it ever had a chance.

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