Could I say game once more in the title? Game! Ok, done. Gamers no doubt know about the GameFly rental service allowing you to bypass dodgy brick and mortar stores and instead go digital. Kind of. With GameFly, you can browse thousands of games online, finding out untold amounts of information. Once you find a game to your liking, you simply have it shipped to you, play it, grow tired of it, and eventually return it via snail mail. Seems handy does it not? Because we digital folk don’t like inconvenience, and love cross platform integration, GameFly has come forth with a well put together iPhone app called “GameCenter”.

If you think GameCenter is nothing more than a mobile manager of your GameFly que, think again. While said feature is in fact included, there is so much more to be had. With GameCenter, users can check out strategies, control layouts, specs, reviews, and industry news (courtesy of their freshly acquired “Shacknews”) all from within the app. Clearly going above and beyond the Call of Duty. *I really need to get someone else to right my jokes*.

In the spirit of consumer happiness and actually give a hoot what we think, GameFly is asking us, the users and supporters of their business to give them ideas on how they can make the GameCenter iPhone app better, faster, and more valuable. The greatest value is the price. A wallet friendly $0.00 — Faarreeee. Even if you’re not a gamer, give it a shot. The best that could happen is you get a 15-day free GameFly trial for simply downloading the app. Yes, you really do. Get to it.