Sadly, not every computer you sit down at will be owned or maintained by someone as technologically savvy as you. I’m sure one of your worst nightmares is sitting down at some computer other than your own in need of a quick internet session only to find IE 6 starring back at you as the only browser choice. A quick Google Chrome download will work, but what if you don ‘t have install rights on the computer? No worries. Whip out your flash drive locked and loaded with Chrome 3.0 portable.

If you haven’t ever taken a minute to piece through, you don’t know what you’re missing. is chock full of apps, games, internet utilities, and more packaged in a portable form so that you can easily and quickly install them on practically any hard drive flash or spinner based.

Unfortunately, for the time being, this portable version is a Windows only download. Hopefully more options appear in the near future. Whether you need a saving grace because of your IT departments ignorant clamoring to IE 6 or because you simply like choice, carrying around half a dozen browsers on a flash drive, is your place.

Life Hacker