**Update: Ya, not so much. ‘ol Stevie was off his rocker and was probably confused. That’s what Major Nelson is saying anyway.

Thank you Mr. Steve “The Balms” Ballmer for your clownish persona and loose lips. You may have just given us some hope for ways of enjoying HD content other than Xbox live. In an interview with Gizmodo’s Wilson Rothman, Steve Ballmer says the following when questioned about the potential for Blue-ray support coming to the Xbox line:

Well I don’t know if we need to put Blu-ray in there—you’ll be able to get Blu-ray drives as accessories.

Well, cat’s outta the bag on that one. While PR is busy with damage control and trying to hopelessly conceal any Xbox Blue-ray support by way of the typical “we have no plans excuse”, we can simply turn to Steve Ballmer for any undying questions we have. The Balms speaks no lie.

Of course, Ballmer isn’t exactly the most eloquent speaker nor does he seem to always have a firm grasp on internal operations. This revelation by Ballmer could also be a simple statement taken the wrong way. For example, claiming that we’d have to have an external Blue-ray drive could simply mean that there is absolutely “Zero” chances of every seeing the most requested feature offered internally.

Clearly there is plenty of room for interpretation and speculation. I would love to see a Blue-ray drive as I have a growing collection. Though being a digital person myself, the digital only method makes more sense. Who wants to be tied to a physical format? Of course, if I’m to truly embrace going completely digital, companies and “content owners” are going to have to stop being the assholes they currently are and allow to copy my legally paid for digital content. In reality, I do it anyway. So they don’t have to let me. Though doing so without fear of prosecution might help me sleep at night.