TMOS displays to usher in brighter, more battery friendly displays?

by Mike
Posted October 22nd, 2009 at 9:02 pm

Getting giddy because of that AMOLED display in your mobile gadget? Enjoy the throne while it lasts because another potential contestant is on the horizon: TMOS. What is TMOS? TMOS display technology is a technology that aims to remove as many of the filters between a displays light source and your eyes. A typical LCD puts those little light rays through a beating before they ever caress the inside of your ocular cavities. From polarizers to glass to filters and more, light can often go through 5, 6, or more layers greatly diminishing the quality and brightness. With TMO displays, instead of a handful of layers, light rays get a much gentler voyage through just a couple layers — TFT Glass -> Opacity Film. The result is dramatically brighter light output. Which if you’ve ever spend 30 seconds outside with a gadget that has a weak display, you’ll know just how precious this inner light can be.

The other key feature of this technology is how the light is displayed. With traditional displays, blue, red, and green dots adorn each pixel. TMOS throws that antiquated junk to the curb in favor of a single dot per pixel layout which among other things will allow more pixels per sq. inch crammed into displays of tomorrow. In order to get around this one dot challenge, the colors red, green, and blue are alternated between so fast our eyes can’t tell the difference and only sees the intended color. Nifty, geeky science that no doubt requires diving head first into a book full of words. Sounds fun. I’ll let you continue on that one…

Don’t expect the next iPod to tote this technology as their are still some speedbumps and mole hills to traverse beforehand. Word on the street however pegs the first products to receive such a display as early as next year! Hopefully the scientists involved can get all of those theoretical ducks in a row so we end users can start enjoying TMOS displays sooner rather than later.

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