Talk about fast! The Motorola Sholes (Droid) hasn’t even been announced *officially* and now we have this second Android device coming to Verizon. Word is that “Droid” is not simply the latest and greatest Android phone to come to Verizon. Droid is actually the series name meaning many more “Droid” handsets such as the Verizon Eris (Desire) will come through the pipeline. Speaking of the Eris, it’s being released on November 6th. No fancy announcement or hype building which is kind of odd seeing as how Verizon is beating the Sholes horse like there’s no tomorrow. Isn’t it funny that while not more than a month ago we wondering about one potential Android handset on Verizon and now we know about two for sure with plenty more in store. Verizon is becoming mighty tempting. How long can you resist?

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