Frequent users of Google’s Analytics iPhone app may have noticed that when trying to log into the app as of late brings up a “bad username or password error”. Don’t worry. It isn’t your fault — probably. According to the Google Analytics support, there is a known issue with the current version of the app. A fix is in the making however with an update scheduled for October 29th if everything goes according to plan.

I’ve been getting the bad pass/user error for about a week and a half now and haven’t heard a peep. A more viral announcement would have been nice. But it’s quite possible I somehow missed it so I wont fret. I initially chalked up to network issues as coverage is flaky where I live. No hard feelings though. The fix is coming soon and reported to be free. (A good thing!)

If you’re really that perturbed, you can get request a refund by sending an email to [email protected].