Still feeling sad, neglected, and overall lost in life after a brief bit of happiness on news of a GSM Droid floating through the FCC only to find out it’s a Euro-model? Time to whip up that excitement again as another Motorola Sholes device has slipped through the digital gatekeeper that is the FCC. And yes, this one comes packing American 3G folks!

Even with coverage and reliability that leaves AT&T in the dust, some people just don’t like Verizon. Hey I know how it is, no hard feelings. While Verizon obviously won’t be too happy hearing of news foretelling an AT&T model likely coming in the not too distant future — especially with their DROID launch quickly approaching — consumers everywhere not diggin’ the current CDMA flavor have reason to keep going just a bit longer.

Finally AT&T has some hope. An amazing Amdroid handset in the making. Will it keep me from going over to TMO? No. But I’m sure it’ll keep at least a few of you behind.