PC Games made made fresh and ready to order at new Microsoft Store.

by Mike
Posted October 23rd, 2009 at 3:36 pm

It’s pretty much a given that any consumer electronic/gadget store is going to have a boat load of drool inducing products and services crammed under one roof. I mean, that’s the whole point you go to such a store. But one particular feature of Microsoft’s new Scottsdale, Arizona stands out from the rest and is actually really cool. So what is it? PC Games are made fresh on the spot for each order.

Throughout the store, customers will find game kiosks which allow the customer to browser PC Games to purchase. After entering your name on the kiosk and choosing your games, the individual then leaves gives their name to a store rep and pays for their purchases. Next up, a waiting game gives you roughly three and a half minutes of window shopping is in store while you wait for your game(s) to get packaged. The rep on the other hand is busy at work printing your games to disc, inserting case inserts and giving off a cheery smile to show his affection for his job.

According to That Video Game Blog, the entire process (after ordering of course) takes less than four minutes so you better keep those window shopping sprees close by. While it isn’t that big of a deal really and to some it may seem like I’m making a big deal out of something so puny, when you sit back and think about how convenient and ingenious it is, the value starts to grow.

Now if they can only eliminate the store rep and get everything contained within the kiosk — now that would be something!


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