The video above showcases TelecomTV’s Leila Makki questioning RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis as to the leaked images concerning a BlackBerry watch. Since those images were leaked, I’ve noticed bickering back and forth across the web ever since that inPulse “BlackBerry Watch” was talked about earlier this week. Now, to clear the air, I didn’t ever claim RIM was going to manufacturer this so called BBWatch but instead cited that the watch was being built by a third party whom was going to launch a BlackBerry accessory specific website based on images and reports from CrackBerry. Still, early rumors suggested that RIM was closely working with the site/hardware manufacturer in order to have a tight integration between BlackBerries and said watch. It comes across as a win-win for RIM. If the device sells well, RIM reaps rewards. If it tanks, RIM can claim they had no part in it and forget about as a 3rd party has eaten all of the R&D costs.

No more has been said of this watch over the last few days nor about the company planning it. Could it become vaporware? Very possible. We’ll have to keep our eyes on it. The concerns I highlighted in the previous post are I feel legitimate concerns especially if RIM is funding any type of R&D for such a device — even considering that is isn’t being directly developed by RIM. Still feel the same?

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