Really want to amaze your fronts with the coolest Xbox mod in the world? Alright then. All you need is game unit (in this case an original Xbox was used), a fish tank, and some mineral oil. You see, mineral oil doesn’t have the same electronic slaying conductive properties as many other liquids do. Repeat: DO NOT try this with just any liquid!

The Xbox pictured above is as your eyes can see, submerged in the liquidy mineral matter — save for the hard drive and optical drive for obvious reasons. So what are the benefits of such a setup? Well, besides catapulting yourself to the top of the “coolest modded xbox list” (there’s needs to be one), your box will enjoy a CPU running a good 10 degrees cooler thanks to the more efficient heat dissipation. Who woulda thunk?

My old Xbox is currently sitting at home collecting dust. After seeing this mod I’m feeling a bit risky and experimental. Anyone else feelin’ a bit dangerous….?

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