Stroll into any electronics store looking for a cellphone charger and you’ll walk into a pit of never ending cases full of chargers for countless phones. Which one fits your phone? Well, if you we were smart (or lucky) enough to get a phone that makes use of mini or micro USB, pat yourself on the back. You’re already there. But if you’re stuck with a phone that uses one of countless proprietary chargers, you no doubt know the hassles that manifest when trying to buy a simple charger. A revelation is coming however thanks in part to the International Telecommunication Union (part of the United Nations) who this week finally came together in the name of sanity to propose one style of charger that will make consumers’ lives exceptionally easier. Thankfully the new standard is a spec that already enjoys mass popularit — micro-USB.

While we are making small steps in a forward direction, this new decree by the International Telecommunication Union isn’t fool proof since manufacturers aren’t being required to adopt the micro-USB spec as it’s more a “suggestion”. Slightly disappointing. Still, even a small step toward banishing the world of goofy, one-off proprietary chargers is more than welcome. Sony has already committed to micro-USB with many more to follow I hope. Finally, sanity and one cord to rule them all.


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