Feeling generous and have the deep pockets to support such an attitude? If so, a giant LEGO Mario may be in order for you. The LEGO Mario above stands 5′ 9″ and consists of over 40,000 LEGO pieces. Originally created by renowned LEGO sculptor Dirk VH for the Ronald McDonald House charity foundation, Mario the giant has since moved on to eBay in search of a new home. As of October 24th at 9:20 pm (EST), good ‘ol Mario is sitting right at 2,500 Euros ($3,755 USD). Ya, being a nerd and/or collector isn’t cheap. If you’re toying with the idea of giving Mr. Mario a new home, take comfort in knowing that the LEGOs are glued together so moving this mega monstrosity aren’t nearly as touch or nerve wracking as it could be. Bid away!

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