Living the life as a mobile internet tablet is full of obscurity and not knowing exactly what your purpose in life is. I mean, smartphones are small and powerful, easily able to slip into a pocket. Laptops are small computers that also have copious amounts of power on board (mid-higher end anyway) and are also relatively portable. Tablets and MID on the other hand are sort of stuck in a never ending limbo as they’re way to big to be categorized as a smartphone and often too underpowered and small to be a laptop.

That lifelong ambiguity hasn’t stopped C-montech however as their latest device titled the “Mangrove” is a 7″ behemoth and packs in quite the hardware punch:

  • 7″ Touchscreen display
  • 1GHz Snapdragon processor
  • WiFi/3G/WiMAX

One shortcoming for some (myself included) is the use of Windows Mobile 6.5. Hardly the modern OS I would have chosen. But minor quibbles aside, the physical presence the tablet portrays is enough to leave me transfixed on it’s sleek lines. Would you be interested in such a device? Or is 7″ in that weird size category that as stated earlier is both too small and too big?

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