The greatest first person shooter of all time is about to make a comeback! I know I’ve reminisced about the best James Bond game ever, GoldenEye (N64) before, but another rumor fresh out of the mill has my senses piqued and inner child remembering days past. The man with the message is Craig Peck. Mr. Peck apparently spent all of July - September working on scene layout and camera animation for the upcoming “GoldenEye 2010″, a remade, souped up version of the original. Shooters aren’t everyone’s favorite game. In fact, they’re not mine either. I’m more of a Forza 3 kinda guy. But GoldenEye 64 was different. It was the FPS to emulate in the late 90’s and to some degree even today. After his three month jaunt on this secretive GoldenEye project, Mr. Peck claims to have moved on to working on LA Noire, an upcoming title from Rockstar. All I can say is I sure hope something materializes from this rumor. I don’t currently own a Wii, but a GoldenEye part 2 may just break me. Anyone else super stoked?

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