Starting in November, US PS3 owners will be able to take advantage of all the streaming goodness Netflix has to offer. Sony’s closest competitor, Microsoft with the Xbox 360, has had Netflix support for almost a year now. The Xbox 360 wasn’t the only piece of hardware to support Netflix however as many other TV box services and hardware currently feature varying amounts of Netflix support. Because of that, this PS3 adoption is important for continual growth for Sony’s gaming love child. The new service doesn’t come perfectly though. Until a firmware update is issued by Sony, you’ll need to order a free disc from Netflix that will need to be inserted into your PS3 each and every time you want to get your Netflix groove on. A pain for sure but as signals from both Sony and Netflix lead me to believe that this disc based access method is a short-term solution — hopefully not part of some larger, SONY funded DRM scheme. Hey, I wouldn’t put it past them with their countless attempts at such crazy projects in the past. Any movie buffs and PS3 junkies feeling a bit better with themselves today?