The Sony Xperia X3 is so far my favorite device leading into the end of the year. While the X1 and X2 were pretty sweet devices, the fact that it was running WinMo pretty much killed it for me. However, with Android and a tweaked UI dubbed “Rachel” coming on the X3, this latest Sony device has got my attention front and center. Hmm, now about that X3 moniker, well, not even a couple a days ago, the X3 became the X10. Why skip so many numbers? No idea. Not exactly sure what kool-aid Sony is sipping on. Whatever flavor it is, they really need to back off as the just renamed X10 has been giving yet another name to go by. Though this time, the name is actually somewhat presentable. Ladies and gents I introduce the Sony Xperia X3 X10 “Infinity”.

The new name is a big step up from the cryptic and stupid letter/number combo that so many manufacturers fall victim to. At the same time, the Sony Xperia Infinity isn’t a name that is so far “out there” as to draw criticism and become the butt of jokes. We could spend forever going over the few specs and pictures we’ve already seen, or we can wait until November 3rd for it all to go down. My vote is for some new hotness sometime mid-week next week. You?