David who? Here in the states, this Paris born DJ and music producer may not ring a lot of bells. I have to say that I love sampling music from all of the world on a daily basis. While I haven’t sat down and listened to any of David’s work, I have at least heard of him in my digital journey. Other notable mentions for David Guetta include producing the Black Eyed Peas hit song “I’ve Got A Feeling” as well as a lifetime of DJ’ing throught Paris and France. In a move that many more artists should explore, David, in collaboration with MXP4 and Redshift is releasing his own iPhone app.

At first, the move may seem kind of gimmicky, almost like a ploy to simply grab a couple more dollars of your cash by making an “app” that simply lets your listen to a few songs, stream some content, and read some bios. Thankfully those behind the app realize such half hearted attempts aren’t generally well received and that an honest attempt at a good iPhone app is the best course of action.

A few of the features included within the app:

  • MXP4 MIX IT and REMIX IT solutions: Allows fans to remix and play with the smash hit ‘Sexy Chick.’
  • TOUR TRACKER: An interactive, real-time world map that shows where David is mixing and DJing. Fans are able to connect with and share location, pictures and comments.
  • REAL TIME UPDATES: Live feed of updates, photos, videos and tweets directly from David Guetta

Ok, so the feed’s may be kind of common in this type of app. But the tracking and social aspects are pretty cool. What do you think? Worth a look? Want to see more artists releasing mobile apps that go above and behind a simple digital booklet? I know I do.

**If you can’t see the vid below, check out the app directly from YouTube

Thanks Sherry: [Press Release]
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