Great jumping Jehoshaphat. HD Wii! Hear that? Oh you missed it? That’s because it was the sound of a single, tiny grain of salt hitting the floor. Which signals how you should treat this rumor. According to a “very reliable source” of Logic-Sunrise (Google translated), the 2nd gen Wii, for now cleverly named “Wii 2″ will debut in 2010.

The main rumored feature that stands out is the Blue-ray support and hardware support for both 720p and 1080p. Sweet. Finally some HD. I know the Wii is still more popular than the Xbox 360 or PS3, but I’m just not into video games made in 2009 that still feature characters with blockheads ala late 90’s games. The whole jumping around and waving my arms like a mad man doesn’t strike my fancy either. I want eye candy and graphical power.

We know Nintendo has to embrace modern graphics and technology at some point unless they plan on jumping out of this whole gaming business all together. But somehow I just don’t think that’s on their future projection charts littering HQ do you?