Ben and Jerry was one of my favorite cartoons growing up. For me, it was the whole stereotypical cat vs. mouse thing that always had me hooked. Now that I’m a big boy, (some may dispute that) I still watch cat and mouse drama every day. Except now it isn’t a cartoon. It’s a bit more “real”. Ladies and gents, I introduce to you Apple (cat) and Palm (mouse).

The round ‘n round battle that these two tech giants this one tech giant, and second, not so giant tech giant (figure it out, it isn’t hard) have been battling is quite amusing if a little old now. At first, it was a sort of “yay for Palm those sly devils” but has since become “good god again? When will they learn?” Palm has been relentlessly trying every trick in the book for disguising USB identifiers in order to get access to the wondrous world of native iTunes syncing. Eventually they will run out of tricks (or get sued) and then where will they be? Back with their god awful software. What exactly is there backup software?

I’m all for stickin’ it to the oppressive man which in this case is Apple. Will having the Pre sync with iTunes cause iPod and iPhone sales to catastrophically spiral downward? No. Apple’s just doing it because they can. After the first touché by Apple, you’d think Palm would have figured out that Apple had no interest in being their friend. All of this time, energy, and money Palm has been wasting engineering a way to break into Apple’s little world is the biggest waste. It would have been much more beneficial to direct those resources at developing their own software.

You’re turn Palm.

**Note for Palm: You may want to think about developing your own damn software now ok guys…


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