Who hasn’t at one point or another wanted to soak in a nice warm tub for multiple hours? For some, they simply don’t have the patience to just lay there which is understandable. Given our tech background and ever changing landscape, we want stuff happening all the time and fast fast fast. While I don’t think I could spend any more than 30-40 minutes in a normal tub today without getting board out of my mind, if I had the Waterdrop Shower Room in my house and hooked up to an Xbox 360/PS3 you wouldn’t see me for days! Everything you can thing of is inside this little cocoon including a sliding/moving TV, controls for temperature, audio, video, and jet intensities and of course a shower. Now I just mentioned a shower and have so far been talking about soaking in a bath tub. Since this shower concept separates in the middle and judging by the pictures, I don’t see why it couldn’t hold at least some water for a nice soaking/gaming session. Still, this thing is cool and whenever it does come out will surely give you and rubber ducky a whole new chance to get reacquainted.

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