Last weekend, U2 took a very rare chance to open up to this world of technology that celebrities and the content owners world continue to decry or ignore. It was an awesome experience, a good show, and a perfect display of modern technology at it’s finest. Since the interwebs were pretty busy chatting up the event, you could imagine that at least a couple other people heard of it. If U2 wasn’t quite your style, or your looking for more live concert streaming goodness, the Foo Fighters have got a treat in store for you.

Tonight via Facebook, the Foo Fighters are live streaming their very own concert. You can ensure a digital seat by sending in a digital RSVP or you make a grand appearance sans RSVP here, at 7pm (PST)/10pm (EST).

U2 wasn’t the first and the Foo Fighters won’t be the last. Hopefully this “cool” image that is starting to surround streaming live concerts continues. It brings the fans closer to the artists and vice versa. It’s good for everyone fans and artists alike. You going?

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