The BlackBerry Storm 2 is an infant in the public’s eye yet reports are already circulating this morning that a rather nasty WiFi bug has made itself known. The issue stems around the device being unable to fully connect to a WiFi network which of course means no data and simultaneous voice for you. Word is that the beef should lie with Verizon, not RIM. Understandable, Verizon is a bit of a newcomer to this found WiFi technology on smartphones….

There is a temporary “fix” though that term should be used loosely. It involves calling up Verizon and having them upgrade your BIS plan to the more expensive $45 BES plan, re-sync your service books, and power cycling your device. See, not exactly a very easy or cost effective fix now is it. It’s better than nothing though so do with the info what you will. Anyone with a Storm 2 care to comment?

It’s worth noting that as I’m writing this some users are reporting a simple resending of service books and/or power cycling the device without upgrading to the BES plan has worked while others are still left yearning for a fully functioning Berry. Looks like mileage will once again vary by user.