Ready for a midday round of disappointment coupled with a dash of optimism? The Acer Liquid was to be a Snapdragon powered beast of a mobile device. For those with already wondering minds, be at ease as the Liquid is still coming and with a Snapdrgaon proc to boot. There’s only one problem. Acer is downclocking the CPU to 768MHz. Granted, that’s faster than most phones out there today and just 6 months ago would have garnered a slew of “ZOMG’s”. However, in today’s world with 1GHz/Snapdragon powered devices being leaked weekly it seems, 768MHz just isn’t going to cut it. Looking at the slide, perhaps it’s the anemic 1350mAh battery that’s the culprit for the rationing. Perhaps it’s not. All I can say is Acer better optimize the hell out of their Android build or else the Liquid is going to dry up — real fast. Feeling a little less enthusiastic about Acer’s Android debut or is 232MHz not that big of a deal to you?

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