huawei-logoIf you thought the Chinese manufacturer Huawei was making a one hit wonder with the T-Mobile Pulse, think again as they’ve announced plans to continue Android development by releasing more devices featuring the quickly growing mobile OS. Within the next 6 months, Britain can expect to see “several more” Android handsets released, according to a company spokesman. While it’s wrong to offer up such information and then stop there and leave you hanging, yearning for more, it’s all anyone has right now as far as information goes. The company is staying tight lipped in the near term. One small bit that we can say is inhabitants of Europe, Asia, and Latin America will be the desired markets once Huawei does step forth with this new lineup. Whatever they bring, I’m excited. New Android handsets are always fun to see. Plus, Huawei is a relative newcomer (to us U.S. users anyway) in the market and as such, we haven’t really seen anything from the company. Developing and releasing some spec’d out, meticulously designed handsets will be an exciting thing to look forward to. Can they pull it off? Or are we set for re-runs of styles and layouts already used by current manufacturers?

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