When considering modern, worldclass browsers, IE doesn’t necessarily rank high on my list. A brand new browser that utterly chokes and dies on simple web standards tests is by no means modern no matter the shipping date. Many browsers and developers from Mozilla, Apple, Google, and many other smaller 3rd parties are gunning to dethrone IE and capture their own slice of the browser pie. While Microsoft still holds a commanding overall lead in the browser world with 64.64%, that dominance is faltering daily. Firefox recently enjoyed a pretty cool yet disgusting victory — Firefox has finally surpassed IE6. As of October, Firefox is sitting pretty at 24.07% while IE 6 continues it’s (much loved) downward spiral briefly pausing at the current 23.30% market share.

You may be already starting the party and then remember, IE 6 is hardly a contender to the latest Firefox. Even though Mozilla has finally toppled a flavor of IE, the fact that said browser is nearing a decade old is pathetic. Of course, IE 6 is hardly sticking around by choice. For that, blame stagnant (read: Lazy) IT departments that hold off on upgrading because of program incompatibilities that they fail to actually fix. So it is a bittersweet moment when this old giant falls. Still, one less IE in the front running the better. Hey, I don’t have anything personal with Microsoft or IE. If they’d actually develop IE to a level that is on par with the others mentioned above, then they might have something. Until then, Chrome and Firefox FTW!

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