Small devices need small parts (Capt. Obvious here). Many devices that require some form of digital storage have long moved on from small hard drives and embraced flash storage since prices have fallen dramatically and continue to do so. For some applications however, a traditional spinner may be worthwhile. Say you need more storage than is physically or monetarily possible. That’s precisely where the ‘ol spinners still reign supreme. Toshiba today announced a new high capacity 320GB 1.8″ hard drive making it the worlds smallest flash drive to claim such a capacity. This minuscule wasteland for digital bits revolves at a faster than average (for the size) 5400 RPM’s and is capable of holding ~ 160,000 of MP3’s or 282 hours of DVD quality video. Not too shabby!

Some media players and ultra-portable devices will surely benefit from this extra breathing room allowing users to store even more while on the go. We all know that at some point hard drives such as these will fade away as non-movable flash storage takes over. For now, the spinners still have some fight left in them. So which would you take: the better battery life associated with non-movable storage or the faster speeds and higher capacities/lower costs of traditional drives?