Do you really want to know how good/bad a particular carriers’ coverage is in your neck of the woods? You could always rely on those overly general carrier maps or if you’re really gullible, the individual carrier reps who over promise the networks they work for. Moving on, what if we end users could relay real coverage info back to some “mother ship” ala Google Maps with their real time traffic info? Well guess what? There is just an app for just that occasion.

Dubbed “iBlipped”, this real-time coverage collector works on both GSM and CDMA BlackBerries and collects background information using the cellular radio and GPS. Once finished, you can send the mapped coverage info back to some group of guys that live in a data center where they’ll take your submitted info and transform it into a living, breathing map. The concept is really cool and highly useful. To quell privacy concerns, all the information collected by iBlipped is 100% user controlled meaning there isn’t anything shifty getting transferred. That is unless you consider coverage strength and geographic location “personal” To each his own.

iBlipped is a free download that I highly recommend to any and all BlackBerry users. Carriers can lie all the want on their in house coverage maps. But now we earthlings and consumers have a saving grace. Are all of those coverage maps really that accurate? We’ll just have to continue following iBlippeds daily updated maps to find out…