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ARM’s next gen mobile processor “Eagle” to usher in multi-core, high-end graphics, and energy efficiency

The smartphone arena is an ever changing mass of molding parts and software that keeps geeks on their toes. Even though my iPhone 3G is only a year and a half old, the Droid I just picked up today (get used to it…I’m going to talk about it a whoooole lot) is many times faster than my iPhone. Some of it can be contributed to the software. But software isn’t everything. You need the hardware to provide the necessary muscle for the software to work correctly. Those who live on the hope of “tomorrow’s devices” will no doubt find information on ARM’s next gen “Eagle” processor particularly interesting. The top-o-the-line processor in the Droid, Pre, and iPhone 3GS is that of the ARM Cortex A8. It’s a 600MHz screamer that oozes speed. Just because they have a champ right now doesn’t mean ARM is standing still. And rightfully so. With several other mobile CPU manufacturers gunning for that coveted “top spot”, ARM can’t afford to stand still.

Now, about that Eagle processor. Initially it will be based on ARM’s 28-nanometer process and eventually slimmed down further on their up coming 22-nanometer process. We all know that smaller chips means money saved and better efficiency so I’ll pass on any deeper details there. What’s really going to excite you is the multi-core action and “high-end” graphics that Eagle will support. Such desktop like performance will truly make the line between desktop and mobile even more blurred as chips get smaller, more powerful, and more energy efficient. And now for the bad part — said chips aren’t going to be available until 2013-2014. Ya, that’s an eternity from now — especially for geeks like me. We want it now now now. Even though I want Eagle and all the hardware that will come with it now, it will be fun to see the advancements made between now and then won’t it? And so we wait…

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