Crawl inside the skin of Snow Leopard [Hidden features]

by Mike
Posted November 6th, 2009 at 1:17 pm


I’m a tinkerer by heart. I love to fine tune my gadgets and software until they break — then I do it all over again. Nature of the beast I guess. Mac OS X has usually been a rather simple more simplistic OS in that without help from 3rd parties, it is generally pretty involved to make any system tweaks. It doesn’t matter if you actually don’t know how or don’t have time, I’m sure if a solution existed to drastically reduce your time spent tweaking you’d be all for it. What about something that allowed you to access “hidden features” or those features which Apple had added at some point of the 10.6 development process only to remove from the final version. Again, such things aren’t hard to find online and re-add yourself. But why waste time?

Secrets, a cleverly named free download allows you to access all kinds of hidden Snow Leopard tweaks ranging from more utility based ones that change how things operate and function to UI based tweaks that let you tweak everything to and including the dock. Hate the 3D dock? Click a checkbox and bam, it’s done. Now changing the dock is rather simple as a short terminal command can achieve the same thing. Though searching for and entering the command is precious seconds wasted. Don’t like the login background? Bam, it’s done. There are a ton of settings and hidden secretes to unleash with “Secrets”. Snow Leopard isn’t Blacktree’s first venture into the underground of the Mac OS X OS mind you. Over the years, Secrets has garnered quite a loyal following bringing with them various other tweaks and hidden features that aren’t just specific to the OS, but other OS X apps as well. See, there is a ton.

If you are any type of tinkerer, you need this app. Oh and don’t forget, it’s FREE. Ya, that’s compelling isn’t it. Get goin’…

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