Seriously Apple, WTF?! You reject dictionary apps because little Johnny might search for a naughty word yet you approve apps such as Baby Shaker. Now you’ve stooped to the ultimate in absolute stupidity and leaves me wondering where you find these morons that run the App Store approval process. Why the flaming? Do I really need to go into any greater detail on the image above? The ebook above is Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kempf” — his “bible” if you will, full of his murderous and inhumane polices. Apparently supporting genocide is high up on Apple’s list. It’s bad enough that someone didn’t double check this app and think, “hmm, a pro-Nazi app, probably not a good idea”. What’s even worse though is that an app titled “Someecards”, a humorous app that made fun of various public figures and celebrites — past and present — was rejected. Humor doesn’t appear to be “in the cards” for Apple however as one particular card making fun of Hitler was one of the main reasons the app was rejected. The more politically correct response: “It ridiculed public figures”. Ridiculing a murder off limits. Pushing his hateful and murderous ideas? Awesome, no problem. So little of a problem in fact that Apple has only given this app a 9+ rating. WTF? Start ‘um young I guess. Mind you, this is the same group of individuals who reject f’n scholarly tools such as a simple dictionary app for having words like shit, damn, fuck, and so on? Wow. Classy Apple.

I haven’t written about any stupid app rejections or App Store processes in a while because they were mostly the same basic things over and over that we have already seen. app called “Someecards” that happened to have a particular card that criticized Hitler shows that the app approval process is a complete and utter joke. Should they all be fired? Well, that would be a start. Perhaps hiring some people that aren’t completely incompetent would help no?

In the end though, I shouldn’t be too hard on those ever so intelligent app approvers as the Mein Kempf app was written in Spanish. And the approvers surely couldn’t have understood that or hired someone who speaks Spanish. No sir, they’re on top of their app approvals. Speed, efficiency, and developer feedback are Apple’s top priority. Just ask the Trillian iPhone app developer…..