Label me a pirate. A renegade. A lawless scum who doesn’t care about intellectual property. That’s fine. I pay for music in one way or another. I have no qualms or regrets. Here in the states, intellectual property laws and policies are becoming increasingly anti-consumer, anti-artist, and are getting tweaked more and more to benefit labels and other such “middlemen”. We’re not alone however as many other countries across the world are enacting similar laws. France for example will soon be enforcing their “three-strikes” law which gives accused file shares three chances. After being caught 3 times, it’s no more internet for you bucko. The whole evidence of infringement used by France as well as all of the other countries is that of IP addresses.

One thing we need to stress is an IP address is tied to a location and computer — not an actual human. Anyone can log into a computer, multiple people in fact, and share the same IP address. See where this defense has holes already? Though lawsuits continue around the world. Here in the states, such cat mouse games with IP addresses and copyright infringers continue on with no end in sight. While our politicians and judges paid “government” lobbyists continue to increase their fight, it seems the Danish anti-piracy group “Antipiratgruppen”, actually understands the utter worthlessness that comes from such fruitless lawsuits and is “giving up” this endless fight. The first translated public announcement states:

We have to, because it is has been announced by the state court, that it takes very strong and concrete evidence to have these people prosecuted. We have simply not been able to establish the necessary evidence…”
An overview of Danish trials shows an extremely small possibility of getting sentenced - unless the the accused confesses. Four principal state court trials last year lead to three acquittals and only a single sentence for illegal file sharing. And this sentence only came into place because

“Out of the four cases we can establish, that the courts do not sentence owners of Internet connections simply because of technical identification of IP-adresses and technical recognition of files,” they say.

In their neck of the woods, the courts actually employ common sense as well as pro-consumer tactics in realizing that a simple IP address means nothing. It isn’t a per user ID but merely an “address” to a location in which any person at any point and time can obtain.

Why can’t the U.S. follow suit? Again, our politicians are merely extensions of extremist groups such as the MPAA and RIAA — on their bankroll, doing their deeds. Forget the fact that they were elected to carry out our will. Once they get that seat in government, their own agenda and wallet takes over. ‘Tis a shame that our U.S. companies and government can’t realize that if they embraced P2P technology for good instead of trying to abolish it that their jobs would be a lot easier. And maybe, just maybe we would hate them less. (That’s a stretch…)

For those lucky Danish civilians and Danish government, I applaud you in cutting through the crap and lobbyist propaganda and actually doing your jobs by not bending and rewriting laws to benefit your wallets.

By the way, how’s the weather there…..

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