We’ll start off by saying that if you make international phone calls often and merely use your phone providers international solutions, you’re wasting money and missing out. With that said, I suppose you now might be asking what solution or answer I have. One affordable choice is Nimbuzz Out. Nimbuzz is no stranger to helping people communicate. Back in my BlackBerry days I used Nimbuzz’s multi-IM app and came away rather impressed. It was a robust multi-chat app that at the time a couple years ago was starting to experiment with voice calls via the app. Much has changed in the last couple of years. Even though text based methods of communicating are increasingly, communicating isn’t limited to text based means alone.

Back in May 2008, Nimbuzz Out debuted and allowed users of Nimbuzz as well as many other social networking and IM apps including but not limited to Skype, Yahoo Messenger, etc. to place calls to one another. Again, why stop there? There are many people that don’t use social networking services. Starting today, Nimbuzz Out users can now place calls via 3G or WiFi to any country they so desire for as little as $0.02/minute — pretty darn cheap if you spend a ton of time talking to “outsiders”. Credits can be purchased from Nimbuzzout.com. Paying the exorbitant rates that local carriers charge to call abroad is a thing of the past. If calling abroad is a normal occurrence in your life, giving Nimbuzz a try couldn’t hurt.

Nimbuzz Out is currently available for iPhone/iPod Touch and Symbian devices.

Nimbuzz Out

Thanks, Tobias