I hate computer programming. Everything about it makes me want to vomit up every organ in my body while swinging over a vat of boiling hot magma. Perhaps that’s a bit extreme but you get the point. Coding iPhone apps isn’t for everyone. If you’re like me and loathe computer programming yet can somehow manage to keep those sudden urges to catapult yourself into space via internal projectiles at bay, iPhone App programming may be just the thing for you. An exploding dev market and user base surely brings instant profits…right? Wrong. There have been countless posts, articles, stories, and personal accounts of how one developer may get lucky with a hit, scoring hundreds of thousands of dollars only to have another dev with half a dozen iPhone apps make a fraction of that. The App Store is the worst “Get rich quick” scheme in recent memory. One developer by the name of Brice Milliorn is finding this out first hand.

Mr. Milliorn has pushed out 87 iPhone apps to date (Friday Night Lights, iSpy Game, iReferee, iSexyRef, iSexyRef2, Pro Rodeo Fan, and Sit Up Counter just to name a few.) No small feet also considering the App Store is just over a year old. Now many may say “He’s spreading his resources too thin…” Such a claim may be true. But it doesn’t matter. Just as Brice Milliorn is realizing, many iPhone devs will come to the same conclusion that quick and easy money is no where to be found in the App Store (for independent devs that is.) Brice however is getting a leg up on the competition by putting his iPhone software company, JBMJBM up for sale. The asking price — $100,000. According to Brice, roughly 30,000 sales have been doled out among 87 different apps with the average price being right around $0.99. Simple math will lead anyone to the easy sum of a cool $30k for Brice. In all reality though, $30k for 87 different apps isn’t much at all — precisely the reason he’s quitting, packing up shop, and going home. Going home literally in fact as he cites “not spending enough time with his family” as his main reasons for selling the business.

I can’t fault Brice for doing what he’s doing. Missing out on life by getting deeper and deeper into countless endless loops with no end in sight is no way to go through life. But he isn’t exactly cut and dry just yet. Creating such a vast app portfolio in such a short time and with a high asking price relative to actual revenue made has left Brice without a single bidder. As of right 8:45 (EST) on November 9th, 4 days remain. Do you think Brice will make any return on his investment or will be seeing JBMJBM re-auctioned several times, each time with a price that sinks lower and lower?

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