Wetting your pants in excitement that AT&T is finally, finally getting on bored with Android? Sorry to say that your little accident was for naught as AT&T is still stiff arming Google’s baby. Why? Well there’s many reasons why. (1) They don’t care about all of this “openness” crap. (2) Don’t want to harm exclusive agreements with Apple. Or (3), they’re just plain stupid. My vote’s for three, but this entire issue is best reserved for another article.

Don’t go just yet. I wasn’t lying when I said the Motorola Milestone was coming to AT&T. The only thing is you’ll have to do a little cross boarder magic yourself by picking up one of these GSM beauts from our friends up north. Telus Canada is launching the Milestone in “early 2010″. Since they use the same frequencies as AT&T, any interested user simply has to go ahead and purchase one unlocked. Full price isn’t going to be pretty as it looks to be easily north of $500. Still, if you want to get in on some GSM baed Android action via AT&T, this is your best and only bet for the time being.

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